Year Round Employment Opportunities

Camp Okoboji, Iowa
Executive Director


The Executive Director position is designed so that the ED is the overall visionary and ministry development person for the ministry.  Therefore we are seeking an Executive Director for Camp Okoboji who shall:

+ Exemplify and communicate the Vision, Mission, and Values of Camp Okoboji.

+ Be a member in good standing of a congregation of The Lutheran Church – Missouri
   Synod and adhere to the Confessions of the church.

+ Be accountable to the Board of Directors of Camp Okoboji, reporting quarterly to the Board
   and  communicating regularly with the Executive Committee of the Board.

+ Recruit, train, and supervise a Leadership Team (Camp Director, Ministry Director, and
   Advancement Director) to live out the values and accomplish the mission of the Camp.
+ Cultivate relationships with professional church workers and congregations of Iowa District
   West and beyond.

+ Build and maintain partnerships with Iowa District West, other nearby Districts, and ministry
   entities which complement the ministry of Camp Okoboji.

+ Connect with the greater Lakes community in communicating the unique mission and the
   blessings of the Camp to the region.

+ Affirm the generous gifts of time, talent, and treasure of those who support Camp Okoboji
   and communicate the many opportunities to support the Camp mission and vision
   financially and otherwise.


Other Personal and Professional Considerations:

+ The Executive Director is visionary, self-starter, and relational.

+ Ministry experience in a camp, agency, or congregation is preferred but not mandated.

+ Ministry training (ordained, commissioned, lay) is preferred but not mandated.


The Camp Okoboji Board of Directors shall:

+ Pray for the Executive Director, his/her family, and the ministry of the Camp

+ Provide salary and benefits commensurate with the responsibilities of the position and the
   experience of the individual

+ Provide an annual review of the Executive Director through the Executive Committee or
   other arrangement.

+ Offer direction and support in responding to the vision and accomplishing the mission of
   the Camp.


Interested parties are invited to submit an application form.  The application deadline is December 6, 2017.

Posted October 2017





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